Delivering reliable multi-user database solutions tailored specifically to meet the needs of your business.

How often do you say;


"I just don't have the right software"


In a world where literally thousands of pre-designed business applications are available directly off-the-shelf, many small companies struggle to find just the right software for managing their unique style of work. This often results in the purchase of a variety of programs from leading manufacturers, but never quite achieving a complete solution that will help to simplify their computing needs.

Help is now at hand!


ENTER the bespoke solution

At Datarich Solutions we specialise in designing the software that meets the exact needs of your business. One single, easy to use, application could be written that will maintain your client lists, sales, purchasing, work planning - schedules - and history, stock levels, and much more.


In actual fact, virtually any information that can be recorded and organised by a computer could be included within your own personalised application. Whether your PC is stand-alone or part of a larger network you will very quickly appreciate the benefits and wonder


"how did we ever manage without it"

Bespoke design means that the software can be written to suit your level of expertise, whether a beginner or with years of computer experience. Our developer will discuss all aspects of screen design, data storage, and general program functionality from the outset.

What will it cost, and how long does it take? ..


Well, the price and time needed to create your 'bespoke' application is determined entirely by the elements of your business that you choose to be included.


Tie this in with a renewable support and development contract and your software can continue to grow and develop along with the business.




A Datarich application is perhaps the only guaranteed way of making those networked  PC or Macintosh computers handle your valuable data in exactly the way you want and can trust.


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